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Here is Rajkot, Gujarat’s brave woman Mrs. Anju Pandaliya, with a great passion for preparing 100% Natural Products to make you fit and healthy all the time. She and her work has become a symbol of standard quality through her business practices. She is the strong mother of two handsome sons, dedicated to creating earning opportunities, especially for beauticians and housewives.

She has struggled a lot to grow her career in the business world. Today, she is a successful Beautician, Nutritionist, and Business woman. Helped more than 1000 people to lose their weight and be fit forever…..

About Products

Kayapalat is a beautiful product made from Natural Mud, Fiber, and water (H2O). It keeps the human body healthy. The human body has been made from Panchmahabhutas 1) Sky 2) Air 3) Fire 4) Earth and 5) Water, this universe is also made from the same. Our Ayurveda says that if the treatment is done by these Panchmahabhutas then 100% expected result can be obtained.

Subtracting 3% of the accidental disease human body suffers from 97% of diseases which are connected to our mind.

We created multiple products for you to solve all the health problems effectively and without side effects.

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